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Julie Andrews

In the words of Julie Andrews ..let us start at the very beginning...From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, yawn stretch and look out of the window. Then focus on the most beautiful object you can see.

You are hungry and thirsty so you have to eat something, but not anything. Anything is just food it fills you up but does not nourish you as a whole. The final word in this sentence is whole. If we digest whole foods then it gives our system a lot of work and not only can enhance our overall health but keep us filled up for longer so we do not eat rubbish in order to satisfy our hunger.

Bread has pretty much been a great staple foodstuff. So, it is important you eat the right kind of bread. Source your organic locally grown flour and bake your own. This is not as daunting as it may seem. Baking bread is not rocket science and once you get the hang of it through some practice then it will become second nature and easy peasy.

Always maintain that your body is your temple and keep putting into it good wholesome fuel then this will pay off. The feel good factor of eating well will reflect in everything you perform during your day.

By cutting out dairy you can cancel out all the negative aspects of consuming animal farming. It is unnatural to drink the milk of another animal and a cow is subjected to over milking and feels distress. The same goes for meat , remember you are consuming fear hormones which run like veins of throbbing panic attacks throughout.

I dont think we can say the same thing about lentils. Keeping a cupboard full of pulses will keep you nutritionally sound.

Beans are great and not only the ones in a tomato sauce in a tin. Mix these with wholemeal bread and organic vegetables one has a perfectly balanced diet. Let us not forget seeds they are not just for putting on top of buns to give a decorative healthy look. Seeds are great just whack them in your dish. They look great and are fantastically healthy.

Recycling should be second nature. The three Rs Reuse, Reduce Recycle using this philosophy will get you shouting from the roof tops ...STOP CONTRIBUTING TO LANDFILL SITES.

Do not shop at large supermarkets. Go to Farmers Markets, town markets your local Wholefood shop and not forgetting the increasingly popular Organic Veg Box.

Look at labels for palm oil, this includes washing products swop to eco cleaning liquids. Try and find a stockist who refills your eco bottles.

Palm oil is sneaky an insidious murderous substance which will secrete itself in your margarine and sliced bread. If we dont buy it the Evil Multinationals will not harvest it.

So, ok I have cherry picked a few ideas and this leads us back to oil.

Invest in a thermal vest put a jumper on reduce your needs for fossel fuels. Less is good small is beautiful.

Community sustainable energy use is the way forward. It just makes sense that something like energy should not be owned by major energy companies but by us. It is our community our children and our grandchildren. Let them be proud of us.

Stand up against the rape and pillage of our land Stop The Fracking in the U.K. Fight the Government with all the holistic bent we can muster and believe in the philosophy that the great change will grow and flourish from within us all.

Annette Hudspeth. Member of Frack Free Cleveland.

Author of 'Mummy Bears Vegan guide to Cooling the Planet'