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Frack Free Cleveland is a group of concerned citizens who are distressed to find that Britains first fracking site will be at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire. We work together with fracking groups in Rydale and surrounding areas to raise awareness of fracking and to protect our countryside, health, water, wildlife and planet from the menace of fracking. If you want to know more about fracking choose Fracking in the menu above and watch Doreens Story at the bottom of this page

Third Energy have now started operations at Kirby Misperton. There is a protector presence at the gate every day. No matter how little time you can spare, please, get down there and support them. Follow the fun at Kirby Misperton Protection Camp or even better drop in to see them. Please sign the FOE petition against this decision and this petition telling Unite to implement it's anti-fracking policy which would seriously damage fracking operations. And this one asking Barclays to withdraw their support for Third Energy.

The next meeting is on Thursday 7th Dec 2017 at 7.00pm at Saltburn House, Saltburn,TS12 1BX. Come along and get the latest news from KM8. All welcome. We do not have any political persuasion as we believe fracking and UCG are matters that go beyond party politics.

You can join the action group to mount a physical resistance. We, of course, support Frack Free Rydale in their fight to overturn the decision.

It is a fact that we cannot burn all our fossil fuel reserves and stay below 2°C. Given this fact, developing questionable methods of extracting fossil fuels is suicidal. We need a fast and just transition to renewable energy

When the Scottish government put a moratorium on UCG Algy Cluff turned his sights on Durham where Cluff Natural Resources own UCG Licences from just south of Sunderland to Hartlepool. However, and I'd like to think we did it, Cluff Natural Resources and Five Quarter have both abandoned their attempts to establish UCG in Britain. Probably because the Government have withdrawn their support for CCS