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What is Fracking?

Fracking is a method of reaching oil and gas reserves that cannot be extracted by conventional means. Thousands of gallons of clean water and fracking fluids are forced at extremely high pressure into the shale to release trapped gas or oil.

What's wrong with that?

If the frackers move into your area the first thing you may notice is an increase in heavy vehicles which could range from 16 to 51 per day for up to 145 weeks. You will find house values in the area will plummet. At times there will be a disruptive 24hr light and sound show from the site.

Fracking wells get worked out faster than convetional wells which means there will be multiple well sites causing disruption over a large area. Not all of those thousands of gallons of water they pump down underground come back up. The rest stays underground and can find its own way up to aquifers. In America there have been countless incidents showing that chemicals used in fracking are appearing in drinking water and causing medical problems. Radioactive contamination has also been found. If they decide to frack in your area these things could affect you. These chemicals can stay underground a long time, they could affect your grandchildren

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Why should everyone care?

Fracking releases ten times as much methane as conventional drilling. Methane is a greenhouse gas 27 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Scientists tell us that to stay below 2C we can only burn about 700Gt of coal before 2050. Present reserves are 2,860Gt. That means 75% of those reserves need to stay underground. We do not need any more fossil fuels. Fracking is just scraping the bottom of the barrel for increasingly small returns.