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Rise Up

Frack-off on UCG (underground coal gasification)

Frack off on CCS (carbon capture and storage)

Why they shouldn't be doing it anyway

IPCC says leave fossil fuels in the ground

IEA says leave fossil fuels in the ground

Simple explanation of Carbon Bubble








Downloadable N O U C G tiles, Contact list, Poster and Leaflet

News items


How many projects have to collapse before they admit CCS is a myth


Linc Energy places itself in administration 'to avoid penalties'

Linc Energy Facing Fines of up to $8million

Poor Harry, I guess

Five-Quarters has collapsed

Cluff kicked out of Scotland heads for Durham

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency slams UCG

Paul Younger says fracking/UCG not viable

ABC TV Report on Linc

Third Energy planning decision delayed

2000 UCG protesters link hands over Forth-road-bridge

Moratorium on UCG could breach human rights

Scotland puts moratorium on UCG

ABC TV Report on Linc

Linc Energy Report Key Findings

'I just had to breathe fresh air': Workers say work at Linc Energy site affected their health

Report shows no commercial UCG operations

Algy's dirty tricks

Interesting report by CNR on Firth of Forth UCG Project

Anti-fracking group warns of ‘danger to coastline’

Does this mean a reprieve for Durham, at least for a while

Rohan Courteny on UCG, listen for what he has to say on the planet and CCS

Dawdon residents say no to UCG

Durham miners say no to UCG

Underground coal gasification plant poisons community

Linc Energy Hit Again By Queensland Regulators On UCG Contamination

Overview of the International situation

Queensland Government widens legal action against Linc Energy

‘It all stinks’ — Fife Trades Union Council calls to halt plans for fracking and UCG

Councillor fears Australian experience proves UCG creates problems down under

Queensland's Department of Environment not ruling out underground fire as cause of gases near Chinchilla

Linc poisons workers

Five-Quarter hits out at 'alarmist' petition against its activities

Laser Plan to extract "Green Gas"

Rydale takes a stand

Halliburton move in on Yorkshire fracking

Energy company applies for fracking permission in North Yorkshire village

Hartlepool and East Durham tremor fears if plans go ahead to set fire to underground coal for gas

Seaham Public Meeting Against UCG

We would expect to be drilling offshore before the end of this year

Group keeps up pressure over coastal gas extraction

Fracking moratorium 'should be extended' to underground coal gasification

Fears over plans to tap into coal gases

Cluff extols the virtues of UCG

South African UCG suffers setback

Five Quarter rejects climate protest claims

Will Fife be first

More on Cluff in Scotland

Plaid Cymru calls for controversial drilling in Loughor Estuary to be opposed

Is this the first commercial UCG project?

No one wants to buy Wild Horses's UCG plant

Cleveland Coast Under Ground Coal Risk

Campaigners claim underground gas works will ‘devastate’ Hartlepool and East Durham

New group south of the moors

Harry Bradbury goes into detail about Deep Gas Winning

Latest on UCG in Fife

Linc Energy charged with enviromental damage

Linc Energy now in USA

More on Linc

Linc again

Site in Redcar is natural gas field, not shale

Harry Bradbury on the virtues of UCG

No fracking for four years

Dart Energy new site at Oswestry

Fracking safety: report warns of 'significant unknowns'

Fracking fear: Well barrier failure likely to contaminate certain sites' surroundings

4 states confirm water pollution from drilling

Northern Echo article on Five-Quarter

Fire in the hole: After fracking comes coal

Nasty fracking accident

Undersea fracking

UCG under Dee Estuary?

Deep Gas Winning?

More from Fife Good questions

Opponents have “misunderstood” the technology.

Another meeting in Fife

Cluff’s coal gas a chance to keep the lights on

It's because they're not allowed to do it in Australia

Viking's denial

£1bn North Sea energy plan could bring hundreds of jobs to the North East

£33bn for new energy projects in the UK

Protests over fracking as new policies announced on energy projects

MSP says largo bay subsea fuel plans are too risky

New Anti UCG group in Leamington

Norway stops CCS experiment

Protesters warn Teesside against fracking complacency

Could the North East be key in the new dash for gas?

Rohan Courtney of Clean Coal Ltd on UCG

North East coal's future assessed 20 years after closure

Cluff: No UCG for at least five years

UCG is cheaper, cleaner and safer than fracking

More on Cluff

Cougar in Australia fined $75,000

Cluff (picture) and Five-Quarter

Dozens at meeting over Warwickshire coal gas plan

Fracking eco warriors fire up opposition

Ian Burdon should back fracking

Sub sea coal project talks with oil baron

Channel 4 report on UCG in Swasea - features CEO of Clean Coal

Concern over sub-sea coal burning plan

Risk of River Leam contamination;

Frack-off interview with TFM

Algy Cluff defends UCG

Teesside fracking protesters aim to defend area from controversial shale gas drilling. Should be about UCG

Cluff Natural Resources in Warwickshire

MP asks questions on UCG

UCG raises questions in Fife

Company's plan for coal gasification in Swansea Bay

Energy minister asked for answers on Fife UCG proposal

More on five-quarter. Good comments on failed australian tests

Duke of Buccleuch

15 million grant for five quarter

Australians delay commercialisation

Brilliant piece on UCG from Open Democracy

No fracking at Westerdale

Cluff Natural Resources in South Wales



Links to details of Cougar Energy australian UCG tests Essential reading.

Hard going but useful results of Hoe Creek Tests

Indian UCG tests

US UCG tests

CCS Commercialisation Competition Mine of information on CCS



Five-quarter setting up in Blyth

in cahoots with Cluff Natural ?!! Resources

Interview with Algy Cluff

Clean Coal ?!!! Looking at Sunderland New Website

Dart Energy raising questions in Scotland

Linc Energy International UCG baddies

Link between Cluff Natural Resources and Five-quarter

Four scientific papers from Five-Quarter


Underground coal gasification with CCS a pathway to decarbonising industry

King Coal-restoring the monarchy by underground gasification coupled to CCS

Hydrogeological Geomechanical Aspects of UCG-CCS

Water Management Issues in the Underground Gasification of Coal and theSubsequent Use of the Voids for Long-Term Carbon Dioxide Storage

This paper refers to protest in the 'desolate' NE



Brilliant ideas on the way forward

Unburnable Carbon

Divestment Look at motive seven

Divestment long version p 49-65

TEQ's website

TEQ's Easy version

TEQ's Long version

Smart grid

Other Resources


Planning search sites

Short guide to consensus Should be read by facilitators

FOE York meeting 14th June '16

NYCC decision 30th May 2016

A meeting with Harry Bradbury

Annette on COP21

Annette's Holistic Rant

Annette's Thoughts on Coal

Annette's Them and Us

A hark back to the days of high energy consumption

Spiking the Aquifer

Spanas Rant About the fracking map and an australian farmer

Spanas Military Rant How using a military format can be used for outreaching the general public

Good Open Democracy piece on UCG

Anti-Fracking Songs

Newcastle University Press Release Appears to say the 15m was for Deep Gas Winning

Clean Coal researching Sunderland

Australian site with links to their tests

World Energy report on UCG

New report finds carbon capture sequestration profoundly non feasible

Comprehensive run down of uk UCG sites/licences



UCG Methods


Search for 'five-quarter' Shows they have land at Blyth Port

Good international overview See if you can find any plants that are up and running . All pilot schemes.

Fracking Links


Third Energy have been granted permission to frack at Kirby Misperton

EA invests in fracking

Confusing article about Ebberston

Fracking and the Shale Gas “Revolution”

SHALE GAS HYDRAULIC FRACKING: Poisoned Water. Inducing Earthquakes

Dodgy regulations

Shale gas: four myths and a truth Well argued

DECC Bowland Hodder Assessment Fracking at Kirby Misperton?

The Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Of Britain's Onshore Basins Areas where fracking might occur

Police using controversial 'pain compliance' techniques at Barton Moss

Scientific study shows fracking contaminates 82% of nearby drinking water

Fracking water use in USA

Some questions and answers about fracking