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Spanas Military Rant

My first "You Tube" sketch was inspired by a necessity to relate my Anti-Fracking ideas to colleagues, some of whom were ex servicemen. I realized that by using Second World War imagery I could describe the Fracking Companies as an advancing army and would be better understood. This caused amusement to my ex-servicemen colleagues who were familiar with the phrase ".....Veni,Vidi,Vici...."I came, I saw, I conquered.

The video shows how using a military format can be used for outreaching the general public.

In my opinion it is of the utmost importance to raise awareness of the serious nature of the Fracking topic. The Internet has its' limitations, so, with this in mind I decided to attend the Unite Union Meeting. At ' Any Other Business ' I addressed the Health and Safety Branch Secretary. I requested that my statement would be recorded in the minutes. I stated the following :- "As far as I know I do not threaten any of you or your family but your ignorance to the dangers of Fracking threatens not only my life; my families lives but also your lives and your families lives. Now, can Unite address this please?"

As a result of this a proposed motion was devised and sent to the Regional Office. Although, this will be a long drawn out process at least it got the ball rolling.

This action has a sense of permanence compared to leafleting and placing posters on noticeboards as its effectiveness is usually temporary.

An attachment of the motion is inserted.

This piece is written by Spana.6th October 2014.

If we don't stop this its the end of britian/uk or whatever these islands are called